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Travel | Europe 2015 | Babymoon


It leaves you speechless & then turns you into a storyteller.”

-IBM Battuta-

Kobus & I love to travel when we get the chance. Our relationship sort off started right after we travelled to Zimbabwe on an outreach. It’s always been a dream for us to go to Europe together. In 2015 we both turned 30 & decided to spoil ourselves with a Euro trip instead of the typical party { we will do a party one day on a very odd number like 36 and three quarters ;D } We had most of the trip paid for when we found out that I was expecting – big LOL {and another story} It wasn’t part of the plan but the Euro trip turned into a babymoon – it was a great way to celebrate our last December alone together. It was a great trip with many awesome people! Such fond memories! Next time we will take Amelie along :) xxx Kobus&Simone





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